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Top 9 Essential IT Courses for Professionals: Stay Ahead in Tech

If you are looking to learn about Computers, you have reached the right place.

The Keerti Computer Institute is one of the premier Computer Education Institution in the country. It offers a wide range of courses that suit the interests and career goals of every learner. From computer basics to Complex Software, there is something for everyone.

However, if you are confused about what you want to learn, here is a brief overview of the courses that are being offered here. Software Courses Master the essentials of office computing, with a job-oriented syllabus, with expertise in office tools, financial accounting tools, designing tools and more.

These courses will definitely give your skills a boost and help in advancing your career.

  • Advanced K3 (Keerti Certified Advanced Office Automation, Financial Accounting and Graphic Designing): This is Keerti's Advanced Office Automation course, which will give you detailed computer training in the basics and common software usually used in office work. The course will make students efficient in creating and deploying graphics and animations in different software like MS Office, Internet, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Advanced Tally ERP 9 with GST. The course's duration is for 11 months.
  • K-AOAFA (Keerti Certified Advanced Office Automation and Financial Accounting): This 6 months course is created especially for commerce students to gain the computing skills required by the accounting industry, in the manufacturing, service, and trading sectors. Modules of the program include all aspects of Advance Tally and Advance Excel.
  • K-OAG (Keerti Certified Automation and Graphics): A 4 months course will equip learners with the basics of the IT industry demand in computer competency, Corel Draw, Photoshop, and office automation Tally and graphic design.
  • K-FAP(Keerti Certified Financial Accounting Program): This is a 3-month extension to the financial accounting course. It gives students the skills needed in accounts by using Advance Tally, with relevant concepts and practices.
Programming Courses

1. K-AP(Keerti Certified in Advance in Computer Application): This is an 11-month course that takes you into the details of programming from the basics to higher level modules of C, C++, Core, and Advanced Java, C#, ASP.Net, and SQL Server, as per the prevalent industry needs.

2. Web Designing: Designed as per industry standards, this is a course that takes you into the intricacies of creating websites and web pages, through the modules of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more. Completion of this course will make you eligible for numerous opportunities in the growing online world.

3. Impact Courses: Keerti Computer Institute also provides a number of short courses in C and C++, Core & Adv. Java, C# & ASP.Net with MSV, and PHP - MY SQL that will provide you with a strong foundation in the IT industry. The Hardware & Networking Courses:

4. A+ Computer (Desktop) Hardware & Support & N+ Networking Technologies (Wired & Wireless) The Keerti Certified Hardware & Networking Program is course built on the fundamentals needed to make a career in the field. It is a 3-month course that covers A+ desktop computer hardware and support along with N+ wired and wireless networking technologies in detail.

5. Spoken English: Keerti Computer Institute also offers an English speaking course for learners of all levels, which helps them in securing job opportunities in multinational companies, who require all employees to communicate well in the language.

With so much to learn, you can make the most of the institute to further your professional dreams and goals.

Best of Luck!