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Today's generation is driven by digital technologies and many businesses successfully leverage new technologies to increase sales and customer outreach. Digital marketing is now a must for any company looking to survive in their respective niche.

Here is a list of 9 different ways digital technologies have changed the business landscape forever:

1. Instant Communication:
The advent of social media allows companies to interact and converse with their followers in a public venue. Social media is a great advertisement platform to promote a product or service. With the recent trends suggesting that users abandon 25% of the apps they download after a single use, savvy companies are now introducing methods to connect with users on instant messaging applications rather than on social media.

2. Content Overload:
Studies indicate that every 60 seconds 3.3 million people make a Facebook post and over 29 million messages are delivered. This makes it tough for organizations who want to get a message about their product or brand out there using social media sites such as Facebook. Thus to tackle this issues, brands must use creative social media marketing strategies to deliver their message to their customers.

3. Petabytes of data
Digital technologies enable organizations to learn a lot about their customers. They do this by collecting hordes of data on customers and leverage that to target prospective buyers efficiently. Organizations in today's climate must know where and when to use this data.

4. High Demand for Transparency
Customers now demand transparency from the companies they interact and deal with. Thus to build brand loyalty, businesses must be as transparent as possible while also maintaining their personality online.

5. Digital Foster Intimacy
One of the key benefits of digital marketing is that businesses can use the data to learn a lot about a potential customer and thus by leveraging this data, create a personalized marketing message for the customer. With statistics stating that 85% of users are more likely to buy a product if a message is personalized, personalized marketing has become an important digital marketing strategy.

6. Digital has made brands more human
Due to its popularity and influence, social media marketing is front and center to any brand awareness strategy. Customers want to trust and understand the company they are buying from and social media is the best platform to do so. Many organizations use influencer marketing platforms to create connection and interact with their customers.

7. New breed of Influencers
Digital has brought a shift in who is considered to be an "influencer". Traditionally 'A' list celebrities were considered as influencer, however with the high popularity of social media sites like YouTube, "regular people" have become highly influential and thus companies are spending more on their social media influence marketing than on traditional marketing campaigns.

8. Encourage Innovation
With technology almost leveling the playing field, brands are being forced to be innovative and use new ways to reach out and engage with their customers in order to get the upper hand. Many sectors now rely on creativity in order to compete with other larger brands.

9. Playing Catch-Up
Digital Technology tends to change extremely fast and thus with that organizations must learn how to be agile and keep up with the technological innovations and trends. These fast changes require employees across departments to be adept to change. Organizations must always be 2 steps ahead in order to survive in this vast competitive market.
In conclusion, the takeaway is that if brands want to be successful in today's digital markets they need to invest in employees from the best digital marketing training institutes. Trends suggest that there has been a mercurial increase in existing employees taking up various digital marketing courses and digital marketing certifications to help serve their organizations better. Digital Marketing is here to stay and companies who adopt it faster increases their chances of survival exponentially.

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