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Key Highlights

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Comprehensive curriculum
Our comprehensive curriculum covers MIS with Advanced Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SQL, and more, providing a well-rounded skill set for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization
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Practical learning
- In our courses, we prioritize practical learning through hands-on exercises and real-world projects. You won't just learn theory; you'll have ample opportunities to apply your skills in practical scenarios
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Industry expertise
Our courses are taught by experienced instructors who possess deep industry expertise. They have a wealth of practical knowledge and firsthand experience in the field of data analysis, business intelligence, and data visualization.
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Career-focused training
Gaining expertise in data manipulation, analysis, and visualization, you will acquire the skills needed to excel as a Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, or Data Visualization Specialist.
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Data manipulate
You will learn techniques to clean, transform, and process data, enabling you to extract meaningful insights. Through various analytical methods, you will uncover patterns, trends, and relationships within the data
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Flexible learning
Flexible learning schedule with 160 hours of training over 6 months

Things To Know

  • Aspiring data analysts, business intelligence professionals, data scientists, and individuals seeking to enhance their data visualization and analytics skills.
The course duration is 160 Hrs. & 7 Months Program
  • Data Analyst,
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Visualization Specialist
  • Data Consultant
If you are ready to learn and want to light up your future with us. Enroll now in this course.

About the Course

data analysis

Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SQL, and more. Unlock your potential in data-driven decision-making.

Practical focus

Hands-on experience, real-world projects. Develop proficiency in data manipulation, analysis, and visualization.

Communicate effectively

Learn to present data visually, make data-driven decisions. Open doors to diverse career opportunities.

Suitable levels

Whether beginner or experienced, enhance data analysis capabilities with our comprehensive course.

data visualization

Dive into the world of Tableau, Power BI, and other tools. Stand out in the field of data analytics.

Career prospects

A-DVA course prepares you for roles in data analysis and opens doors to exciting career opportunities.


Advanced Certificate Course in Data Visualisation and Analysis (A-DVA). Master Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SQL, and more for impactful data-driven decision-making and career advancement.

  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Data Visualization for Decision making
  • Data Analytics in Different Sectors
  • Understanding of the importance of data visualization

Excel Essentials

  • Excel Essentials
  • Working with Multiple Worksheet
  • Cell Referencing
  • Working with Data Lists
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation
  • What-If Analysis
  • Formula Auditing
  • Protection

Formulas & Functions

  • Conditional Function
  • Text & Statistical Function
  • Financial Function
  • Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting
  • Advanced Lookup and Reference Functions

Dashboard Designing (MIS)

  • Creating Dashboard
  • Charts & Sparkline’s
  • Use of Power Pivots for Data Analysis
  • Use of Power Queries & Power Map
  • Pivot table Dashboard with Slicers


  • Working with External Data
  • Exporting & Importing Data
  • Excel, Access, PPT, TXT, CSV
  • Updating Charts, Table in PowerPoint
  • Converting Reports into PDF
  • Exporting Charts, Tables to PowerPoint


  • Macro recording
  • Visual Basic Editor
  • Understanding Objects, Methods, Properties and Variables
  • Control Structures-Decision
  • Looping Structures
  • User Forms and GUI
  • Worksheet / Workbook Operations
  • Error Handling


  • Getting Started with Access
  • Working with Table Data
  • Querying a Database
  • Using Forms
  • Generating Reports
  • Designing a Relational Database
  • Sharing Data Across Applications

Introduction to Tableau

  • Understanding Working
  • Architecture & Data Model
  • Data Connection & Joins
  • Working with multiple data sources
  • Data joining and blending

Tableau Interface

  • Measures and dimension
  • Shelves
  • Show me
  • Data Types
  • Default Properties
  • Marks Card
  • Page Shelf
  • Difference between. twb and .twbx
  • Discrete vs Continuous
  • Date Aggregations and Date parts
  • Cross tab
  • Totals & Subtotals

Chart Types

  • Bar Charts & Stacked Bars
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Graph with Date
  • Line Graph without Date
  • Area charts
  • Tree Map
  • Word Cloud
  • Packed Bubble
  • Box & Whiskers Plot
  • Scatter Plots
  • Highlight tables
  • Heat maps

Data Visualization

  • Geographical fields
  • Map options

Run Time Columns

  • Calculated Fields
  • String Calculation
  • Data Calculation
  • Logical Calculation
  • Numeric Calculation
  • Parameters
  • Table Calculations

Data Formatting

  • Legends
  • Highlights
  • Labelling
  • Number Formats
  • Alignment

Advanced Function

  • Sorting
  • Groups
  • Sets
  • Hierarchy
  • Reference and Trend Lines
  • Edit Axis
  • Bins


  • Dimension Filter
  • Measure Filter
  • Filter - Display Option
  • Context Filters
  • Relevant Filters
  • Sets in filters
  • Conditional Filters

Advanced Charts

  • Waterfall
  • Funnel


  • Dashboard Objects
  • Dashboard Actions
  • URL
  • Highlight
  • Filter
  • Publish to Web

Introduction to Power BI

  • What is Power BI
  • Installing Power BI Desktop
  • Exploring the Power BI Workflow

Transforming Data with Power BI Desktop

  • Connecting to different sources
  • Different connecting Options
  • Shaping and transforming data with Power Query
  • Editing, Merging, Appending queries etc.

Modeling with Power BI

  • Introduction to Modeling
  • Building Relational Models
  • Creating table relationships
  • Understanding the filter flow
  • Cardinality and Cross filtering

Introduction to DAX

  • Understanding DAX Syntax
  • DAX calculation types
  • DAX functions
  • Using variables in DAX expressions
  • Table relationships and DAX
  • DAX tables and filtering

M Language

  • IF...ELSE Conditions, Transform Column () Types
  • Remove Column (), Spilt Columns (), Replace value ()
  • Table. Distinct option and Group BY option Table.
  • Group (), Table. Sort () With Type Conversions PIVOT
  • Operation and Table. Pivot (). List Functions Using
  • Parameters with M language

Visualizing Data with Reports

  • Creating Visualisations
  • Color & Conditional Formatting
  • Sort Order
  • Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis
  • Tooltips, Slicers
  • Timeline Slicers & Sync Slicers
  • Cross Filtering and Highlighting
  • Visual, Page and Report Level Filters
  • Drill Down/Up, Hierarchies
  • Constant Lines
  • Tables, Matrices Table Conditional Formatting
  • Map Visualisations

Creating Dashboards

  • Pin Visuals and Pin Live Report Pages to Dashboard
  • Advantages of Dashboards
  • Interacting with Dashboards
  • Formatting Dashboard
  • Sharing Dashboard
  • Database Management system
  • SQL Syntax
  • Data Manipulation Language
  • Data Query Language
  • Built in functions in SQL
  • Sub-Query & Joins


    • GJK:Our Advanced Certificate Course in Data Visualization and Analysis stands out with its unique selling points (USPs). With a comprehensive curriculum, you'll gain expertise in manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data. Practical exercises and real-world projects ensure hands-on skill application. Expert instructors with industry experience provide valuable guidance. This career-focused training opens doors to diverse sectors and job roles, empowering you for success in data analysis and visualization.
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    • JAIN:Our Advanced Certificate Course in Data Visualization and Analysis offers distinct advantages that set it apart. Through a comprehensive curriculum, you'll develop expertise in data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. The course emphasizes practical exercises and real-world projects for hands-on skill application. You'll be guided by experienced instructors with industry knowledge. This career-focused training opens up opportunities across various sectors and prepares you for success in data analysis and visualization.
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