G-TEC JAINx Education has a focus on Education with multiple segments to offer.

G-TEC JAINx Education isn't solely focused on education across diverse sectors; it's about crafting an outstanding corporate experience that goes beyond benefits and a pleasant office environment. It embodies an intrinsic ethos and values that the company upholds. Cantered on promoting joy, development, prosperity, and furthering a shared purpose, G- TEC JAINx GROUP has established itself as one of today's exemplary organizations to be a part of.
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G-TEC JAINx EDUCATION is a premier educational initiative, established from the synergy of G-TEC Group of Institutes and Jain Group of Institutions, who joined hands in December 2023. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and conceived by Sudhakar Sonawane in 1998, it has since flourished into an expansive network, committed to equipping aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders with essential skills and knowledge. As it expands, G-TEC JAINx EDUCATION continues to influence the knowledge economy significantly.

Offering accessible education through its subsidiaries, G-TEC JAINx EDUCATION upholds high standards in education and training services. It boasts ISO 9001:2015 certification, reflecting its dedication to quality in training delivery, educational processes, and methodologies. This merger reinforces the institution's mission to nurture innovative thinking and professional excellence in the global arena.


G-TEC JAIN KEERTI falls under the G-TEC JAINx EDUCATION umbrella, continuing the tradition of excellence in IT education and training. As an integral part of the esteemed G-TEC JAINx Education brand, GJK is dedicated to shaping IT experts across a spectrum of disciplines, from design and web development to accounting, taxation, programming, and network management.

Our comprehensive curriculum and dynamic teaching methods equip our students with a well-rounded knowledge base, setting a solid foundation for their careers and ensuring they are fully prepared for the technological challenges of the future.

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